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The Many Lives of

Andrew Young

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The Millennium Gate Museum was honored to showcase an exhibition on the life of Ambassador Andrew Young. The exhibition was created by the museum’s parent organization, the National Monuments Foundation in partnership with the Andrew Young Foundation.

Ambassador Andrew Young, a living legend and a Civil Rights leader who rallied alongside Martin Luther King Jr., is a true American hero. The Millennium Gate Museum had the privilege to host his 90th birthday celebration in March 2022 and was honored to house an exhibition based on his life's achievements.

“The Many Lives of Andrew Young” tells the inspiring story of pastor, civil rights activist, congressman, UN ambassador, mayor, philanthropist, and American hero Andrew J. Young, Jr.

Its narrative begins in New Orleans, LA and follows Young across the nation and the world. This exhibition is drawn from the ambassador’s own words, transcribed and summarized from interviews conducted by AJC reporter Ernie Suggs, along with imagery from the ambassador’s papers collection, among other sources, which was laid out by Donald Edward Bermudez of A Studio Named Bermudez in a coffee table book.

From there, chapters of the book were reformatted and printed onto 30 fabric panels, which hung on the walls of the Millennium Gate Museum from March through October 2022. After concluding its show at the Millennium Gate Museum, the exhibit is now on tour across the country to other museums and institutions on loan. Copies of the book are available at the Millennium Gate's gift shop.

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Available for Booking

March 2024 onwards

Booking Terms

  • 12 week minimum booking
  • Fee plus inbound shipping

Installation Requirements

  • Minimum of 100 Linear Feet of wall space
  • Mounting rods, brackets and adhesive
  • Secure exhibit space that is staffed during open hours
  • Gallery lighting (exhibit is not self-lit)
  • Minimum of two-person installation crew
  • Certificate of Insurance

The exhibition can also be replicated and customized to fit an allotted space. Please mention this in your application.


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