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The Millennium
Candler Prize

The Millennium Candler Prize

Matthew Middelthon, a descendant of Coca-Cola founder Asa G. Candler, established the Millennium Candler Peace, Justice, and Millennium Gate Prizes to continue the family’s stewardship of the State of Georgia and the United States. All proceeds from the gala are used to further the mission of the National Monuments Foundation. The theme of the 2022 Millennium Candler Prize Gala is Peace and Reconciliation in honor of Ambassador Andrew Young’s 90th birthday. The gala coincided with the grand opening of the Millennium Gate Museum’s exhibition: The Many Lives of Andrew Young.

2022 Millennium Candler Prize Categories:

Peace Prize

Honors leadership in the promotion of fraternity between peoples and nations.

Dr. Shin Dae-yong

Justice Prize

Honors leadership in effecting positive social change.

Benjamin C. Adams

Dan T. Cathy

Clark Durant

Joe Lonsdale V