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The Millennium Gate Museum is the most comprehensive museum of Georgia history in the state. Our collections cover Georgia's history from pre-Columbian era up until the present day.

Permanent Exhibition

Georgia History

Beginning with pre-Columbian Native American history and 16th-century Spanish settlement of the coast, the Georgia Pioneer Gallery focuses on General Oglethorpe’s creation of the Colony of Georgia and the enlightenment ideals that were so instrumental in its inception. The gallery contains documents and historical artifacts from the Native Indian, Spanish, British Colonial, and American Revolutionary periods. The exhibit also features photographs and artifacts from twenty of Atlanta’s pioneering families, such as Adair, Candler, Glenn, Herndon, Rich, Woodruff, and many others who have helped shape our social, economic, and political, and philanthropic landscape.

Permanent Exhibition

Bodmer-Hanna Gallery

Georgia native Frank Hanna III rescued the 53-leaf Bodmer Papyri (now called the Bodmer-Hanna Papyri by the Vatican), which contain the oldest known written texts of the Gospels of Luke and John, from probable destruction. Discovered near Egypt’s Valley of the Kings in the Nile River Valley, these papyri, which predate the Codex Vaticanus, the oldest known Bible, by up to 150 years, revolutionized our understanding of early Christian writings. The first page of the Gospel of John (right) contains the earliest known Lord’s Prayer. The Sally and Frank Hanna Foundation donated the documents to the Vatican Apostolic Library and Pope Benedict XVI in 2007.Two leaves are on display at the Millennium Gate Museum, where we have educated over a million visitors in nearly ten years.

Pre Columbian Georgia

Native American pottery
Native American pottery
Native American pottery

19th-Century Georgia - 1800-1899

Porcelain plate
Spike from the Georgia Railroad line
Gate City Guard uniform cap.

20th-Century Georgia - 1900-1999

Corona typewriter from the Atlantic Steel office of Thomas K. Glenn.
Antique Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. uniform.
John Goddard driving a carriage

Statues and Monuments

The Statue of Zeus at Olympia
Chief Tomochichi of the Yamacraw Tribe.
Peace and Justice Gate