The Gate Museum


Period Rooms

Glenn Office

Recreation of the office of Thomas Kearney Glenn at Atlantic Steel. While spartan by modern understanding, in the late 19th- and early 20th-centuries, an office like this would have been considered standard for a corporate executive at an industrial plant. The furniture in the room is original to Mr. Glenn's occupancy of the office from 1908-1922.

Mims-Midway Room

Recreation of the study of Lyman Hall in his home in Midway, Georgia. The furniture in this room is original to the house, now the Midway Museum, and was transported to Atlanta to create this reproduction. Mr. Hall was one of three Signers of the Declaration of Independence to come from the colony of Georgia, and was elected governor of the state of Georgia in 1783, serving one year in that office.

Rhodes-Robinson Room

Reproduction of the drawing room of Pink House, located at 541 West Paces Ferry Road, at 84% scale. Pink House was commissioned by Joseph Rhodes to architect Philip Shutze, and later given by Mr. Rhodes to his daughter, Josephine Crawford Rhodes, and her husband, James D. Robinson, Jr. The Robinsons sold the house years later, having raised two generations of the family in the home; the property remains a private residence today. Most of the furnishings are original to the house during the Robinson ownership period.