The Gate Museum


The Millennium Gate Museum, Atlanta, Georgia

March – October 2022

The exhibition on the life of Ambassador Andrew Young was reveled to the public on March 12, 2022 at the Millennium Gate Museum. The exhibit allowed visitors to see amazing photographs and memorabilia from the 10 lives that Andrew Young has lived. Boyhood, minister, civil rights icon, congressman, UN Ambassador, Mayor of Atlanta, presenter of the Centennial Olympic Games, businessman, philanthropist and documentarian. Walking through the beautiful arches that holds the museum in Atlanta, the exhibition provided a view of photographs and artifacts from the Ambassador's outstanding life and leadership as have never been seen before. While Ambassador Young is known as a civil rights icon around the world and the title ambassador goes with him everywhere, few stop to think about the many responsibilities and positions of leadership he has actually held over the course of his 90 years.

Rodney Cook, President of the National Monuments Foundation-"We have worked with Ambassador Young over the years on so many projects and just as we had the opportunity to honor Winston Churchill a couple of years ago with amazing exhibit, this one I feel will be even more exciting as we recreate Ambassador Young's own office with his furnishings here in our museum and welcome the public during operation hours of 10-5 every day except Sunday.”