The Gate Museum


My Friend, The Earth


  28 January – April 8, 2022)

A solo exhibition by internationally acclaimed artist Bruno Zupan

BRUNO ZUPAN celebrates the Earth in each of his paintings and has spent his life in the pursuit of light. His vibrant colors and spontaneous brushwork capture fleeting moments of light in such a way that the viewer feels present at the scene as his brush flies across the canvas.

He has traveled around the earth and explored cities and beaches, mountains, rivers and pastures – winter, night and day, spring and summer. From the golden warmth of a Venetian sunset to the sparkling city lights of Boston, he captures the varied, yet simple manifestations of its beauty.

Bruno’s works have been honored worldwide, including Museo de Mallorca, Palais de Nations, Geneva, Library of Congress, Washington D.C., United Nations Headquarters, Columbus Museum of Art, Boston Public Library, Boston Museum of Fine Art, Greenville Museum of Art, Macon Museum of Art, Morris Museum of Art and now our own, Millennium Gate Museum. Prestigious private collectors include the Bradley-Turner, Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Thyssen-Bornemiza and Swaroski families. Prince & Princess Michael of Kent, Princess Grace of Monaco, Li Xiannian (former president of China) also collect his exquisite paintings which are a joy to experience.

Featured Art

Figures in Snowy Landscape, 25.5 x 32

3078 Canal San Gregorio, Venice, 39 x 32

My Work Table, 25.5 x 32

Stone Passage with Almond Trees, 51 x 51

Parc Monceau, Paris, 39 x 32

Water Door, Palazzo Clary, Venice 25.5 x 32

Three Gondolas on Grand Canal, 18 x 22

Financial District, Manhattan, 46 x 35

Towers of Frari, 18 x 22

Diptych of Autumn Leaves, 51 x 76

Fish after Bait, 32 x 39

July Fourth, Seen from Brooklyn, 32 x 39

Early Blossoms by Chattahoochee River, 35 x 57.5

Fiesta of the Redeemer, Venice, 25 x 32.5

Magical Flowers, 15 x 18

Rocks and Sea, 51 x 115 Triptych Part A

Rocks and Sea, 51 x 115 Triptych Part B

Rocks and Sea, 51 x 115 Triptych Part C

Night Walk in Venice, 18 x 22

Campo San Giacomo in Autumn, 22 x 18

Earth in Springtime, 22 x 18

Artist’s Inspiration, 22 x 18

Bouquet in Chinese Bird Vase, 32 x 25.5

Unity, gold leaf, 32 x 39

Autumn Branches, 39 x 39

Mediterranean Sea, 46 x 35

My Friend the Earth, 51 x 35 inches

A Almond Blossom Triptych, 51 x 102

B Almond Blossom Triptych, 51 x 102

C Almond Blossom Triptych, 51 x 102

Winter of my Childhood, 32 x 25.5

Poet's Inspiration, gold leaf, 32 x 25.5

Ulysses and Sirens, gold, 25.5 x 32

Trojan Horse, gold, 32 x 39

Balcony in Venice, 39 x 39

Valdemossa, 39 x 39

Full Moon in Port of Valldemosa, 39 x 32

Gondola waiting by San Tomà, 46 x 35

Door by the Sea, Sunny Day, 46 x 35

Almond Tree in Blossom, 38 x 31

Almond Blossoms in the Moonlight, 38 x 51

Winter Trees, 38 x 51

Winter Trees beside Snowy Road, 38 x 51

Blossoms on the Coast Road, 45 x 57.5

First Love, 32 x 25.5

Wildflowers in a Meadow, 32 x 25.5

Winter Trees, 32 x 25.5

Lithograph, “Peace”, printed on rice paper Feb 1982 at Desjobert Studio, edition of 60

Lithograph, “Venice, October Morning”, printed at ArtEstampe, Paris, 1991, edition of 100

Watercolor on Japon paper, 443, Spring in Central Park, 26 x 36 inches

WC 470, Bouquet in Chinese Bird Vase, 38 x 26

WC 478, Canal by San Polo, Venice, 38 x 25

WC 490, Almond Trees in the Mist, 27 x 38

WC 491, Rocks and Sea, 27 x 38 inches


Museum closed for exhibit change January 24 - 27. We will re-open to the public on Saturday, January 28 with new exhibition “My Friend, The Earth” by Bruno Zupan